Transparent police accountability

Anonymously rate your experiences with police.

Raheem is a Facebook Messenger chatbot for reporting and rating your interactions with police — both good and bad.

Data is shared in real-time to our online public dashboard.


A new era in police accountability.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for transparency in how the police interact with their communities. Raheem collects and anonymously publishes key information so we can better understand the relationship between the police and those the communities they are sworn to protect.


We cannot fix what we cannot see.

A lack of clear, actionable data plays a major role in enabling police violence. Each report filed through Raheem helps to bring the truth more clearly into focus. As more data is collected, we will begin to learn more about how police interact with people like you, so we can begin to more meaningfully measure police performance, change public policy, and improve the culture of policing in all 50 states.


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Funded by, FastFoward, and My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, now an initiative of the Obama Foundation.